Eagle Industries KAC SR-25 Double Mag Pouch

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Product Description

Eagle Industries is one of the most prolific manufacturers when it comes to anything MOLLE. From pouches to plate carriers to packs, countless examples of their products have been fielded and abused by special forces such as Navy SEALs for decades, and many of their designs remain ever-relevant and currently deployed. They're prominently known for their no-BS pouch design that scraps gimmicks in favor for durability and no-nonsense usage, and it's for that reason that we like their stuff a lot.

Magazine Compatibility

This pouch is made specifically for 20 round aluminum SR-25 magazines. For the non-knights-enlightened, these are essentially 7.62x51 AR-10 platform rifles, so these pouches will work directly with aluminum magazines for the AR-10 & SCAR-17 without issue. We've also found USGI style 30 round STANAG Magazines will fit as well (two per mag cell). If you're an M14/M1A/G3/FAL/other .308 battle rifle nerd, many of those 20 round magazines will also fit.

The back of the pouch features PALS compatible webbing with built-in straps so you won't have to spend more money for WTF straps or MALICE clips.  The attachment straps also snap shut for a rugged & secure fit.